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“My ears ring, earlier that day I saw the movie Contact. In child’s imagination ringing of ears becomes a signal from space. In this exhibition I try to dissemble the message of that signal to a visual form.”

Time Warpers

In the works of this exhibition, time appeared in three different levels. As childhood memories, what I feel like being today and how I imagined the future.


Piece executed by 3D scanning and printing for Maiju Hukkanen. The work was part of an exhibition organized by Academy of Arts in Helsinki Cathedral crypt.

I was in charge of the technical execution of the piece.


Magmaa –exhibition is a story about what rises to surface when a young artist just at the beginning of his studies has to confront himself.


When working on our exhibition Saari (The Island), it felt almost as a refuge. Wanting things nonexistent here and now drove the journey towards it.


Now Saari is a metaphor for understanding – a space that is shared but not open for everyone. It consists of both hopes and fears, and is concrete and blurry at the same time. As the future or Avalon, King Arthurs fabled tomb island. Its real location still remains unclear. But certainty is hardly as fascinating as the possibility of finding something singular and own.


The exhibition consists of works executed individually and together in which we approach the theme in various ways.




”When I began my studies at the arts academy I had to face myself for the first time and expose something I had hidden before. Now, after four hardest and also rewarding years of my life, it feels natural to unravel all I’ve experienced and understood – to my thesis exhibition. I have learner something of my surroundings and myself but ultimately I’ve found something that I don’t want to part with. I’ve found a way to be and do something that I feel most meaningful to myself.”

”After this exhibition I hope to have finally honestly revealed myself to you but above all to myself and that I could finally move on. Now, graduating as an artist, I can already note it being the hardest profession in the world.”


Dungeon – a game and an installation where my climate anxiety lives in.

Black Sheeps

Digital art game. In the game player falling to Lemi village, where he try to save all the black sheep before it going to Säräpirtti and die.


I stopped to do fine art in 2019. I loved it too much. After I got burnout I lost most of my working files somewhere. In this video I try to get back some pieces, before memories disappear behind the horizon.

Big silly dream

Video installation where narrator dreaming to get electric motorbike and that´s why he asking help from Elon Musk. With this bike narrator maybe can go over him illness: climate anxioty.

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